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XIPHIAS Providing Best Telecom touch screen kiosk in India and you can improve service efficiency and streamline client interactions. These innovative kiosk solutions are designed specifically for the telecom industry, providing customers with self-service options for bill payments, plan inquiries, SIM card activations, and more. With a user friendly interface and secure payment options, telecom touch screen kiosks offer a convenient and accessible way for customers to manage their telecom services. XIPHIAS telecommunication touch screen kiosks helps telecom companies improve customer satisfaction, reduce wait times, and improve their Business.

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Telecom Koisk


Telecom Kiosk from XIPHIAS is powered by IoT for Bill Payment, Recharge, Advertisement & announcement of New Offers & Services.

As the Mobile Phones have replaced landlines, similarly Telecom Touch Screen Kiosk Manufacturers in India have successfully replaced long queues at Telecommunication offices with Telecom kiosk application. This telecommunication kiosk is capable of handling all the issues of customers and provides the right information within minutes.

This kiosk for telecom has simplified customer services by providing the most reliable information to users about telecommunication products and services. The technology equipped kiosk lessens the chances of error. Deployed at the information terminal, this Telecom self-service touch screen kiosk will display all the information related to products and even can answer queries from customers. Not only this, but it can also serve the purpose of bill payment and recharge.

We prioritize customisation to satisfy your unique needs. Our Telecom Touch Screen Kiosk Applications can be customized to represent your business identity, including logos, colors, and visual components. This promotes brand recognition and offers a consistent customer experience across all touch points.

Telecom Touch Screen Kiosk from XIPHIAS let you experience the future of telecom self-service. Improve customer satisfaction by empowering your customers and streamlining your business processes. To learn more about how our cutting-edge kiosk solutions may change your telecom business, get in touch with us today.


  • Postpaid Bill Payment
  • Prepaid Recharge
  • New Connection Application
  • Branding & Promotions
  • 24/7 Self Support
  • Promotion of Value Added Services
  • Sim card Dispensing
  • Customer identification verification
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I Want To Buy a Telecom Touch Screen Kiosk. What Should i Know?

A telecom kiosk is a self-service device or booth that provides telecommunications services, such as making phone calls, Sim cards, sending messages, accessing the internet, and recharging mobile devices.

Yes, Telecom Touch screen kiosk allow users to make a local and international phone calls using a variety of payment options, including credit and Debit cards, or mobile payment methods.

Yes, many telecom kiosks provide internet access, allowing users to browse the web, check emails, use social media, or perform online activities.



Telecom Kiosk
Telecom Kiosk
Telecom Kiosk
Telecom Kiosk