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Xiphias's a prominent Exhibition Kiosk manufacturer in India. Your exhibition experience will be enhanced by our cutting-edge Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosks. As dependable Exhibition Kiosk producers, we are aware of the value of interactive and interesting instruments for presenting goods and services. Our kiosks captivate customers and leave a lasting impression because to their engaging displays, rich content, and user-friendly interfaces. Our Exhibition Kiosks respond to the unique needs of exhibitors and event organizers with an emphasis on quality and customisation. With the unique and high-quality Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosks from Xiphias, you may explore the power of technology in exhibitions.Charge.

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Exhibition Kiosk


Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosk Application is based on IoT that facilitates the businesses to track the advertisements and its effectiveness more accurately. The exhibition kiosk has a complete set of features that successfully provides self-services and navigational guidance features to help users reaching to required place or service within minutes. The Information kiosk manufacturers design applications that improve user experience and help brands in establishing their identity.

The aesthetically designed Touch Screen kiosk includes easy to use features and issues personalized entry tickets at the exhibition, without any interruption. Right from registration to ordering meals; this Display kiosk manufacturing incorporates all the needed features. The kiosks are sturdy and robustly built and are suitable for any kind of environment.

We also place a high priority on data gathering and analysis. Our Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosks gather useful information about visitor interactions and preferences, enabling event planners to make data-driven decisions, enhance subsequent exhibitions, and customize material to visitors' interests.

The Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosks from XIPHIAS let you experience the future of exhibitions. Engage visitors, make information easy to obtain, and provide an engaging display experience. To learn how our touch screen kiosk solutions may take your upcoming show to new heights, get in touch with us right away.


  • Improved Product Visualization.
  • Product description
  • Multimedia Content
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Pass printing for events
  • Access controller for events
  • Extended Content Library
  • Post-Exhibition Follow-Up
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I Want To Buy a Exhibition Touch Screen Kiosk. What Should i Know?

An exhibition touch screen kiosk is an interactive display that provides visitors with engaging content, interactive maps, exhibit information, and multimedia experiences, enhancing their overall exhibition visit.

Yes, Xiphiastec's exhibition touch screen kiosk supports multiple languages, ensuring that international visitors can access information and navigate the exhibits in their preferred language.

The exhibition touch screen kiosk offers a range of interactive features, such as virtual tours, videos, image galleries, quizzes, and interactive maps, providing an immersive and educational experience for visitors.



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