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XIPHIAS offers Telecom Software Services, providing a one-stop shop for convenient and effective telecom solutions. Our Advanced Technology kiosks enable bill payments, SIM card purchases, and various telecom services. Experience hassle-free access to crucial telecom services with our user-friendly interfaces. Stay competitive in the industry with our Telecom Self Service Machine (SSM), addressing specific challenges and needs. Customize our kiosks to offer comprehensive services, advertise products, collect customer data, and enhance experiences.

Nowadays, people who need to balance work and family in their busy daily lives are no longer prepared to put up with long lines for handling small everyday tasks in telecom business hall. The Telecom self-service kiosks, which is provide users more convenient services, is a result of the rapid growth of smart Solution technology.

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Why Need Telecom Management kiosk?

The telecom industry is evolving constantly as more users connect to new applications and cellular services. For high quantities to be handled and top-notch service to be provided, efficient onboarding is necessary. Integration of applications and managing high foot traffic are crucial for seamless service dispensation.

Features of Telecom Kiosk

  • Customizable
  • Multi-payment channels
  • High security
  • Live, comprehensive reporting system
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Ability to be modified and upgraded
  • Multiple languages
  • Advertisement module
  • Online monitoring & control system
  • Aesthetic & easy to maintain design
  • Location flexible installation
telecom kiosk

Benefit of Telecom Kiosks

  • Increase sales with automated purchases 24/7
  • More customer acquisition and retention
  • Reduced service and marketing costs
  • Increase store efficiency and productivity
  • Better brand image and equity
  • Best utilization of your resources
  • Omni-channel customer feedback
  • Easy integration with your back-end systems.

Functions of Telecom Kiosk

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Sim Card Issuance
Sim Card Issuance & Replacement
Activation / Termination of lines
KYC Processing
KYC Processing (Face, Speech, Fingerprint, ID)
Credit Transfers
Credit Transfers
Data & International Top-up
Voice, Data & International Top-up
Bill Plan Management
Bill Payment & Bill Plan Management
Gift Voucher Issuance
Gift Voucher Issuance
Reward Points Redemption
Reward Points Redemption