AI Based Kiosk Software Solution



Artificial intelligence based kiosk solutions to elevate the Self-Ordering experience of your customers.

XIPHIAS offers AI-based Kiosk Software solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence to enhance the functionality and capabilities of self-service kiosks. These software systems utilize AI algorithms and techniques to provide advanced features and improve the user experience. Some of the key features include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Intelligent Analytics, Contextual Awareness, Gesture Control, and Smart Sensors which can be implemented in Self Service Kiosks across various platforms..

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Ai Based Kiosk Software Solution
Core Features

The customizable A.I. Kiosk Platform for your business

AI-Smart Kiosk Software is changing the way self-service Kiosks are delivering services across various sectors. They are implemented in Kiosks that are installed in Airports, Hotels, Theatres, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Transit, Retail, Banking, Gaming, and Ticketing Kiosks among others. From Advanced Data Security to Dynamic Content Generation, using AI-based Kiosk Software brings advanced capabilities such as facial recognition, natural language processing, intelligent recommendations, and data security to self-service kiosks.

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Empower & Serve More Customers, an exceptional Kiosk solution.
AI-Enabled Digital Reception
AI- Enabled Voice Ordering
Live video chat support
Integration of an intelligent mall map

Key Advantages AI-based kiosk software.

The Xiphias AI-based kiosk software offers an intuitive user interface and an engaging interactive experience. It can comprehend customer inquiries, respond to them, lead users through kiosk features, and provide them individualised advice or information. Customer satisfaction and user experience are thus improved.

The AI-powered kiosk software helps organisations streamline their operations by automating numerous jobs and procedures. There is less need for human intervention because it can perform duties like ticketing, self-checkout, information retrieval, and more. Businesses may now service more consumers in a shorter amount of time because to increased productivity.

Kiosk software powered by AI enables companies to offer 24/7 services without the need for human labour. Users can now access information, buy things, and complete other chores whenever they choose, even outside of usual business hours. It improves client ease and accessibility.

The AI kiosk software from Xiphias can gather insightful information about user interactions, preferences, and behaviour. To understand client preferences, spot patterns, and make wise business decisions, this data can be examined. Businesses can use it to personalise marketing campaigns, enhance client satisfaction, and optimise their offers.

Using AI-based kiosk software can help firms cut costs. Due to the kiosk's independence, there is a decreased need for extra personnel or customer support agents. The programme can also streamline procedures, lessen mistakes, and eliminate resource waste, which lowers costs.

The AI kiosk software from Xiphias is flexible and scalable to meet various company needs. It is simple to adapt and incorporate into current infrastructure and systems. The kiosk software may be customised to fit particular demands and develop as the business expands, regardless of the industry—whether it's a retail store, healthcare institution, transit centre, or any other.

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AI Kiosk Industry Applications

Give consumers the futuristic, touchless experience they want.

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Fashion & Retail
Fashion & Retail

Save money and provide better service

One of the main issues that cities, companies, and other organizations have is employees. This is solved by our AI-based kiosks. When they do, 30% to 50% of them give up because they either can't pay or can't find this kind of aid. These self-service kiosks never miss work, are always welcoming, help your business save money, and offer top-notch service. Additionally, the information they gather may enable you to give your clients and customers better services and experiences.