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Education Touch Screen Kiosk

Xiphias's one of the leading Education Kiosk manufacturers in India. Our cutting-edge educational touch screen kiosks are intended to alter the learning environment in educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. We know how important interactive and user-friendly tools are in education because we are reputable makers of education kiosks. Our kiosks improve learning for both students and teachers by providing interesting information, interactive tools, and user-friendly interfaces. Our Education Kiosks are designed with a focus on quality and customization to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Experience the educational experience of the future with Xiphias's top-notch and cutting-edge Educational Touch Screen Kiosks.

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Educational Touch Screen Kiosk


XIPHIAS provides IoT powered Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk to Educational Institutions for Information Display & Branding Activities. The education industry stands to reap significant benefits in terms of secure data, cost reduction, and the student experience as blockchain accelerates into the mainstream. Blockchain protects the Intellectual Property of educational content, maintains the transactions, contracts, certifications, credentials, assets and identities of every user, as well as anything else that can be recorded in digital form with transparent and secure transaction histories.

Blockchain in Education Kiosk or better known as Student Information Touch Screen Kiosk has been designed that paves the way for the easiest access to education-related features such as availability of the internet, registration process, review process and more. This School Management Touch Screen kiosk is extremely helpful in managing heavy traffic during admission and events process and it is equally helpful as touch screen kiosk for college.

By using Educational Kiosk Application, schools have improved their efficiency by providing automated solutions for many different categories such as admission process, fees, timetable, library management and many more and for these many features, this kiosk is also known as time table management kiosk. Attendance management is also a key feature of this kiosk. Along with managing administrative tasks, this kiosk is equally useful for students through which they review the books.


  • Enlightening Parents / Guardians
  • Display of Notices
  • Result Display
  • Interactive Learning Experience
  • Access to Information
  • Display of Academic Calendar
  • Introducing Technology to Kids
  • Individualized Learning
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Multilingual Support
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I Want To Buy a Educational Touch Screen Kiosk. What Should i Know?

A digital interactive tool that improves learning is an educational touch screen kiosk. It helps educational institutions by offering interesting material, interactive classes, multimedia presentations, and easy access to educational resources.

A variety of instructional materials, including subject-specific lessons, films, tests, electronic textbooks, e-books, virtual field trips, and interactive educational games, can be found on the Touch Screen Kiosk.

Durability and security are priorities when building the Educational Touch Screen Kiosk. It is built with durable hardware parts that guarantee dependability and longevity. To further protect sensitive information, security mechanisms like user authentication and content management restrictions are applied.



Education Kiosk