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The way consumers access and buy tickets for various events and services has been transformed by ticketing and transit kiosks. With only a few quick touches on a touchscreen, people can easily avoid lengthy lines by using these interactive and user-friendly machines to simply buy tickets on their own.

Self-service digital ticketing kiosks solution provide a smooth and effective ticketing solution that improves the overall consumer experience, whether it's for concerts, movies, airports, public transportation, or other experiences. They have grown in popularity among customers and organizations alike due to their accessibility and convenience, which has streamlined operations and cut operational expenses.

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Self-service kiosks let passengers and transit operators both save time and money. Ticketing kiosks offer a simple, 24-hour method for customers to buy and print their tickets, doing away with the requirement for a ticket counter to be staffed.

Key Sectors & Services where Ticketing and Mass Transit Kiosk can be implemented!

Flight Info & Ticket Booking

Flight Information Display systems are commonly found in airports and display real-time flight information. It can provide details about flight numbers, departure and arrival times, gate numbers, baggage claim areas, and other relevant information. These displays help passengers stay informed about their flights, including any changes or delays.

Tourism Promotion

Tourism promotion involves marketing and advertising efforts aimed at attracting visitors to a particular destination. It includes activities such as creating attractive brochures, organizing promotional events, running advertising campaigns, and leveraging digital platforms to showcase the unique features and attractions of a place.

Tourist Location Info & Maps

Tourist location information and maps are essential resources for travelers. They provide details about popular tourist attractions, historical sites, landmarks, natural wonders, and other points of interest. Information centers, websites, mobile apps, and physical maps offer tourists relevant information like opening hours, ticket prices, descriptions, and directions to help them navigate and explore.

Ticket Printing

Generating physical or electronic tickets for various tourism-related activities such as flights, trains, buses, movies, events, and attractions. These tickets typically contain information like the traveler's name, date, time, seat number, and other relevant details.

Hotel / Ride Booking

These services provide information about hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and ridesharing services, allowing travelers to select their preferences and secure their reservations.

Public Transport Vehicle Tracking

Public transport vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology to monitor the location, movement, and arrival times of buses, trains, and other public transportation modes. These systems provide real-time information to passengers, enabling them to plan their journeys better.

Indian Railway Information Display

Deployed at railway stations to provide train-related information to passengers. These displays typically show train schedules, arrival and departure times, platform numbers, and any delays or cancellations.

Traveler Assistance

These services can include providing information desks at airports, train stations, and major tourist attractions, where staff members assist visitors with queries, directions, and other travel-related assistance.

Conference Ticketing

At conferences, trade exhibitions, and other events, ticketing kiosks are set up to simplify on-site registration and ticketing. Attendees may easily check in, print their badges, and get event materials.

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Benefits of Ticketing and Mass Transit Kiosk Solutions

  • Reduced wait times and increased burst capacity : With self-service ticketing, users are in charge of the procedure. Ticketing kiosks add extra capacity during peak periods and unplanned surges because they are an "always on" resource that don't require scheduling or predetermined shift lengths.
  • Greater profits : With options that may be logically organized and regularly provided throughout the ticketing process, kiosks make it simple to customize and offer upsells.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced mistakes : When necessary, kiosks can offer visitors clear and consistent messages that will assist them comprehend their options step-by-step. There is less likelihood of error or misunderstanding because each visitor enters their own ticketing request into the computer system.
  • Reduced expenses : By reducing regular, repetitive encounters with visitors, ticketing kiosks can improve operations and lower expenses.

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