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Xiphias's leading Digital Signage Kiosk manufacturer in India. As knowledgeable Smart Digital Signage Manufacturers, we provide innovative solutions that change the way you approach communication. To create memorable brand experiences, our digital signage kiosks blend cutting-edge technology with eye-catching visual displays. Our kiosks are created with an emphasis on quality and customisation to satisfy your unique needs. Our Smart Digital Signage solutions enable organizations across industries, enabling everything from advertising to information transmission. For dependable, high-quality Digital Signage Kiosks that will enhance your brand's presence and engage your audience unlike anything else, turn to Xiphias.

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    Kiosk Deployments
  • IoT

    Remote Monitoring
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Digital Sinage Kiosk Xiphias


XIPHIAS provides IoT based Digital Signage for smart advertisements and brand promotion. Our Digital Signage displays product information and other details based on location and consumer behaviour. The process of digital ads displayed on Digital Signage through a decentralized database where a database of archived content is created and the business would be notified and properly compensated for it. The interactive Digital Signage Display kiosk provides information related to the advertisement, wayfinding, event broadcasting, sales, or can be about customer services.

The Touch Screen Digital Signage Kiosk is used basically to keep people informed and updated about some services with a reduced wait time that is certainly a boon for businesses in terms of increased traffic, repeated visits, increased brand value and identity, and enhanced customer experience. The Digital Signage Kiosks are mostly deployed at shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, retail stores, restaurants, corporate buildings to provide outdoor advertising, where foot traffic is more. An Interactive Digital Signage Touch Screen Kiosk uses technologies such as LCD or LED or projectors to Seamlessly display the digital images, contents, video, streaming media and information.


  • Interactive Advertisement
  • Visualized Product Display
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Sensor based signages
  • Increased Brand Visibility
  • Revenue Generation
  • Seamless display of information
  • Screen division for optimum usage
  • Special welcome signs
  • Non - interactive advertisements
  • Flexibility and Versatility
  • Engaging and Dynamic Content
line Faq

I Want To Buy a Any Time Payment Kiosk. What Should i Know?

A touchscreen interactive display system containing multimedia content is known as a "digital signage kiosk." It functions by presenting dynamic digital content on a touchscreen interface, such as videos, announcements, ads, or interactive information.

Eye-catching graphics, dynamic content updates, remote content administration, tailored messaging, and increased customer interaction are just a few advantages that digital signage kiosks have to offer.

Absolutely! You may create a unique and memorable experience by customizing and displaying your own material on our digital signage kiosk, which can include branding components, logos, photos, and promotional messages.



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