WhatsApp Business API


Increase your business using a WhatsApp Business API Platform loyalty

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is a great tool for engaging with potential customers, spreading brand awareness, and promoting products. By successfully interacting with your target audience, it facilitates strategic growth and revenue growth.

WhatsApp Business API Platform

Automate interactions with clients, from the first point of contact until the point of sale !

User Engagement

Increase User Engagement

Subscribers are more likely than mass campaigns to open prompted messages from your bot.

Convert Leads With Ease

Convert Leads With Ease

Convert leads to customers through automated flows delivering valuable content.

Customer Feedback

Get Customer Feedback

Get feedback from your customers to improve your product or service.

24/7 Support

Provide 24/7 Support

Create live chats to offer assistance and prompt responses 24/7.

WhatsApp Business API provider
Realize your business's full potential with XIPHIAS, the authorized WhatsApp Business API provider. Unleash success today.

  • Linking your phone number to the WhatsApp Business API is seamless.
  • Manage consumer interactions across many devices with ease.
  • Distribute talks across your team members effectively.
  • By using WhatsApp Business API's strong end-to-end encryption, you can guarantee the security of customer interactions.
  • By using rich media messages made possible by the WhatsApp Business API, increase consumer engagement.
  • With automatic responses and bilingual help, offer seamless customer service.
  • With WhatsApp API Insights, gain insightful information and improve marketing.
  • Smart WhatsApp call-to-action messages can increase revenue.
  • WhatsApp chatbots can simplify customer service procedures and cut costs.
Start your adventure with the XIPHIAS WhatsApp Business API in a few easy steps.
Verifies SMS

Verify ID with the required doc, then apply for a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp API can help you to your business's full potential.

Direct Connectivity

Set up a WhatsApp number to receive the XIPHIAS Green Tick.

Instant delivery

To build a brand, share your official Facebook Business Manager ID.

The best way for med-sized or large enterprises to efficiently reach their clients is through WhatsApp API.


Its primary use is personal texting, hence it lacks the functionality required for corporate communication.

WhatsApp Business

It is tailored for small businesses and provides extra functionality over the typical app, but it might not be sufficient for larger firms.

WhatsApp Business API

Bulk WhatsApp promotions & client interaction access. Fast, effective customer communication with a complete solution for businesses.