Library Management System is a Windows-based software with a simple point-n-click navigation. The system is powered by Blockchain Technology designed with a consistent, intuitive interface which meets the needs of all information seekers. Library Management System (L.M.S.) is comprehensive and suitable for both large and small libraries. Its flexible design enables L.M.S. to be installed in a range of library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries. XIPHIAS Library Management System utilizes its software interface to be designed to reflect all modules in a user-friendly manner that can be used to increase the efficiency of the Library Management. The software has security measures applied as per the categorization of users.

Computerization of the library administrative activities will help the librarian to know all details about a particular book at the click of a button. By maintaining the index of books and accessing them via the Library Management Software provisions the librarian to reduce his/her workload. All the library related processes will be computerized for instance adding new books to the library, student borrowing and returning books from the library.




Highly Fexible


Highly Secure




User Friendly


Low Cost


Fast response time


Billing Management


Smartcard technology


Risk Reduction


Inventory and stock management

no error

No filling errors

no cost

No inventory costs



Web App

Web Based Application


Seamless Communication




Zero Data Redundancy


Complete Reports

Touch Screen Kiosk For Library Management Sysytem

XIPHIAS is the only Kiosk Manufacturing Company that provides Software and Hardware as an embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Solution in its Self-Service Kiosk. The bigwigs of kiosk manufacturing industry either go for innovative software or engineered hardware solution but XIPHIAS is the company that provides a turnkey solution to its users, including software and hardware as an embedded IoT solution.

The Company offers the Outright Sales in which buyers will fully own the kiosk after paying the complete amount and enjoy the privilege of being an owner who will not be dependent upon any outsourcing or renting a kiosk. Moreover, they can also claim capital allowances and take advantage in tax benefits.

Apart from the Outright Sales, the Company works on a BOOM Model i.e., Build Own Operate and Manage Model under which XIPHIAS will install kiosks free of cost on the clients’ premises on BOOM basis. Department (Government Departments) or any client will not have to make any investment or spend any penny for installation of kiosks. This model is applicable for renting a Kiosk.

Online Examination

In Library Management System, XIPHIAS suggests following kiosk


Self-Service Registration Kiosk has created a new avenue for the students who can directly register their details in Library Department and generate the Library Registration Number. After filling-up the details, students will submit the form and generate a registration number that will be unique to her/him.

Book Issue and Return

This kiosk helps in maintaining the data for the students and staff and keeps a track of each book issued and returned along with the dates. This is the most successful way of tracking each books. Also, it manages newly arrived books and automatically calculates the fine for each late submission of book.

Search for Book Availability

The books are catalogued in a specific order, either with Book name initial or Author name initial, and the same is followed throughout. Soon after searching for the availability of books, the kiosk will show the status in terms of total numbers of books available, and issued.

Pay Membership Registration/Renewal Fees

The kiosk allows the Library Registration and Renewal Fees directly from the kiosk. Cut down the long queues and the waiting time, and submit the membership registration/renewal fees directly from kiosk.This is applicable for anyone who is a part of that institution, including student and staff.

Self-Check Out/Book Issue

The kiosk facilitates the students and staff to self-check-out of the library premises. After issue or submission of the book, the students can directly check-out without any assistance.After getting the books issued and/or submitting the books, the staff and students can check-out the kiosk without any assistance. The entire process i.e., selection of books, request for specific book, issue and return is very smooth.