Online Examination System is based on blockchain technology that continually checks the security and integrity of each record to make the examination processes most secure and tamper-proof. The concept is based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed database running on multiple servers, with a secured chain of data blocks containing highly secured hashcode values. Addition of blocks follows a very powerful proof of work algorithm which ensures that there is no duplicity. Each block is time-stamped and linked to previous blocks, using cryptography to ensure the data is immutable and tampered -proof.

The multi-level security framework prevents the misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized and potential security threats to the sensitive data on the examination automation software .

The Online Examination System has been designed to make the examination processes easier and paper free which is designed under a multi-level security framework to prevent misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized and potential security threats to the sensitive data on the examination department automation software.

Online Examination Management System

The registered candidates can create test and give it from their mobile/tablet at any time. Students are given the flexibility to create test Subject wise, Topic wise, and Level wise, choosing the level of test, which could be school level, IIT, Medical or other competitive examination. If students have any doubt, they can request for Plan Test for Me (PTM) and experts will help them by carefully looking into their study domain.

All the records of completed tests and upcoming tests are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the students and their parents anytime. Soon after submitting the test, the grade card will be sent to the Student and their parents’ dashboards.

XIPHIAS Online Examination Management System has been developed to cater to the examination administrative and conduct needs. The system allows an easily managed interface to be used by the institution management to ensure a smooth transfer of existing hardcopies and files on to the electronic database. The software allows integration of all activities involved in the conduct of the exam such as Roll Number allocation, Exam paper uploads, syllabus management, registration, Admin card generation, Answer format design, Automatic result generation and Report card generation.



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Touch screen Kiosk for Online examination System

XIPHIAS is the only Kiosk Manufacturing Company that provides Software and Hardware as an embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Solution in its Self-Service Kiosk. The bigwigs of kiosk manufacturing industry either go for innovative software or engineered hardware solution but XIPHIAS is the company that provides a turnkey solution to its users, including software and hardware as an embedded IoT solution.

The Company offers the Outright Sales in which buyers will fully own the kiosk after paying the complete amount and enjoy the privilege of being an owner who will not be dependent upon any outsourcing or renting a kiosk. Moreover, they can also claim capital allowances and take advantage in tax benefits.

Apart from the Outright Sales, the Company works on a BOOM Model i.e., Build Own Operate and Manage Model under which XIPHIAS will install kiosks free of cost on the clients’ premises on BOOM basis. Department (Government Departments) or any client will not have to make any investment or spend any penny for installation of kiosks. This model is applicable for renting a Kiosk.


In Online Examination System, XIPHIAS suggests following kiosks:

Registration Kiosk

Self-Service Registration Kiosk has created a new avenue for the students who can directly register their details for participating in the examination through kiosk. After filling-up the details, students will submit the form and generate a registration number that will be unique to her/him.

Hall Ticket Printing Kiosk:

The hall ticket is compulsory for each and every student who enters in the examination hall to appear in the test. Students can enter the registration number and the Hall Ticket Printing kiosk will dispense the hall ticket for each student with unique hall ticket number.

Way/Exam Hall Finder Kiosk

Way/Exam Hall Finder Kiosk is a digital and interactive mapping system that gives information to the students to reach their destinations. Students often experience chaos while searching for the exact route to examination halls and the software will show the ideal path to the destination.

Feedback Kiosk

Faculties, students and parents are allowed to share their feedback through Feedback Kiosk that collects the likes and dislikes, criticism and suggestions and act as a valuable tool improve the services by enhancing the satisfaction and institution profitability both.

Registration Fees Collection Kiosk

This kiosk facilitates the students and parents to submit the fees directly from the kiosk that is integrated with multiple modes of payments including cash, card, cheque and DD. Using the registration number issued for the students, fees can be paid through easy-to-follow steps.