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HR & Payroll is an important activity in any organization. Payroll management software has been specially designed to provide the automation of the payroll system powered by blockchain technology. Blockchain in HR & Payroll Management Software aims to improve upon cybersecurity in human resources through how fraud prevention and data protection are handled and provides secure financial transactions through payroll software.

With our payroll software, it is possible to maximize the potential of payroll through timely and accurate salary processing, efficient handling of reimbursements, loans & advances and Government of India statutory requirements including all PF, ESIC and TDS. In a globalized organization, the impedance of federal and state government laws need all employers to comply with wage and hourly standards to ensure all employees are paid salary on time.

hr payroll management software

The Payroll Software developed by XIPHIAS is resourceful software that provides a hassle-free process towards organizing the payroll functions into a GUI interface that is easily manageable. The payroll software is initially configured to segregate the payroll process on basis of the Company and its branches The software utilizes the input of entities within Company's hierarchy along with the salary structure decided as per the management's recruitment decision as the point of inception. The smart system generates all the updated payroll information for the individual. This process is adept in categorizing the information generated as per the user's needs. The software provides a module wise access to payroll processes.



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Touch Screen Kiosk For HR & Payroll Management System

XIPHIAS is the only Kiosk Manufacturing Company that provides Software and Hardware as an embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Solution in its Self-Service Kiosk. The bigwigs of kiosk manufacturing industry either go for innovative software or engineered hardware solution but XIPHIAS is the company that provides a turnkey solution to its users, including software and hardware as an embedded IoT solution.

The Company offers the Outright Sales in which buyers will fully own the kiosk after paying the complete amount and enjoy the privilege of being an owner who will not be dependent upon any outsourcing or renting a kiosk. Moreover, they can also claim capital allowances and take advantage in tax benefits.

Apart from the Outright Sales, the Company works on a BOOM Model i.e., Build Own Operate and Manage Model under which XIPHIAS will install kiosks free of cost on the clients’ premises on BOOM basis. Department (Government Departments) or any client will not have to make any investment or spend any penny for installation of kiosks. This model is applicable for renting a Kiosk.

Online Examination

In HR & Payroll Management System, XIPHIAS suggests following kiosk

Apply Leave

The Human Resource and Payroll Management Kiosk acts as an employee self-service kiosk and facilitates employees to apply for leaves directly from the kiosk. Also, it provides important details to employees and allows them to add or edit information in their profile.

Check Leave Status

Employees can check the status of their leave application directly from the kiosk. It simply eliminates the need of sending follow up emails to the HR Department. Using the credentials, the leave status will be displayed on the Kiosk Screen.

Check & Print Out Pay Slips

HR & Payroll Kiosk facilitates the employees to check their pay slips and take the print out directly from the kiosk. By using the credentials, employees can check their pay slips and request for printing.


It is important to check if employees are treated fairly and receive prompt responses to problems and concerns. For this reason, kiosk offers a grievance submitting option that is sent immediately to concerned persons/departments to promote prompt and responsible resolution of issues raised.

Company Transport Queries

Most of the companies offer transport facility to employees. The kiosk shows the details of different modes of transport, their routes with the driver credentials. Employees can check the best possible means of transport for them with right route.