Queue Management System


Queue Management is a cloud-based system that can monitor data related to queues in real time, and also collects the customer feedback. This cloud-based software offered by XIPHIAS can assess this data to speed up the performance.

Needless to say, waiting causes annoyance to each and everyone, including customers as well as vendors. To save people from the long waiting lines, Queue Management System has been designed through which customers waiting times can be drastically decreased. It will also help in improving service efficiency and increasing revenues. This system revolves around organizing, engaging and decreasing the waiting time. No matter if you are managing a single room or a distributed enterprise, queue management system reportedly provides an enhanced experience to citizens, customers, employees and more.


The major points of dissatisfaction among customers are an excessive queue and waiting list, mostly in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government sectors where demands are always more than resources. In such a scenario, the queue management system is simply best.

XIPHIAS is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of queue management systems, across the globe that possesses over a decade of experience of helping organizations to improve their customer flow by managing the queues. This software can be used for many different purposes as it makes easy for customers to set appointments and wait from any place of their choice. The software and hardware are engineered together to provide the best functionality and solutions to customers. Also, customers can receive communications and alerts via notifications on the app and SMS.



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Touch Screen Kiosk For Queue Management System

XIPHIAS is the only Kiosk Manufacturing Company that provides Software and Hardware as an embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Solution in its Self-Service Kiosk. The bigwigs of kiosk manufacturing industry either go for innovative software or engineered hardware solution but XIPHIAS is the company that provides a turnkey solution to its users, including software and hardware as an embedded IoT solution.

The Company offers the Outright Sales in which buyers will fully own the kiosk after paying the complete amount and enjoy the privilege of being an owner who will not be dependent upon any outsourcing or renting a kiosk. Moreover, they can also claim capital allowances and take advantage in tax benefits.

Apart from the Outright Sales, the Company works on a BOOM Model i.e., Build Own Operate and Manage Model under which XIPHIAS will install kiosks free of cost on the clients’ premises on BOOM basis. Department (Government Departments) or any client will not have to make any investment or spend any penny for installation of kiosks. This model is applicable for renting a Kiosk.

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In Hotel Management System, XIPHIAS suggests following kiosk

Manage Queue with Real Time Analysis

The queue can be managed on real time basis by reducing the dissatisfaction to long waiting lines. The kiosk improves the waiting experience of clients by providing them an option of connecting to the audio signal of the television and music or other means of entertainment, advertisement of services, or news.

Highly Responsive & No Assistance

Right from registering and verifying the details, engaging them with interesting videos, news, events, or business related information, Queue Management System is a highly responsive software. It facilitates the visitors to get everything done without any assistance.