Dairy Automation System

XIPHIAS-Dairy-Cycles XIPHIAS Software Technologies has developed a unique solution as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility by initiating a Dairy Automation system that utilizes the expertise in Smartcard Card based technology to design to create an off-line card payment system that simplifies and improves the fund transfer system for small scale and medium scale dairy production industry.

XIPHIAS has utilized the availability of microfinance opportunities in downtrodden regions to ensure improvement of these regions and also to become a profitable business entity. As microfinance institutions worldwide have shown that people surviving in close proximity to the poverty line are creditworthy and that the efforts to assist in daily micro savings of a mass population can accumulate into substantial amounts of money generating a profitable money float for the microfinance institution.

DAS Benefits

Dairy-Automation-System-High-Flexibility High flexibility
Dairy-Automation-System-Reports Reports
Dairy-Automation-System-Highly-Secure Highly Secure
Dairy-Automation-System-Scalable Scalable
Dairy-Automation-System-Low-total-cost Low total cost
Dairy-Automation-System-Fast-Responsive-Time Fast Responsive Time
Dairy-Automation-System-User-Friendly User Friendly
Dairy-Automation-System-Web-Based-Application Web Based Application
Dairy-Automation-System-Smart-Card-Technology Smart Card Technology
Dairy-Automation-System-Reduce-Risk Reduce Risk
Dairy-Automation-System-Reduced-Operational-Cost Reduced Operational Cost
Dairy-Automation-System-No-Inventory-Cost No Inventory Cost

Why Dairy Automation System?

Dairy-Automation-System-Microfinanc ndia ranks second worldwide in farm output and the largest producer of milk worldwide, the biggest contributing factor is that agriculture accounts to about 50% of the total workforce. The downside is that there factors which effect output causing India to lag behind its potential. One of the key issues faced with the sector is the availability a fluid funds transfer process and financing model which are plagued by anti-social entities that scam funds from the system making it a degrading industry. XIPHIAS Diary Automation System removes these anti-social entities and scamming opportunities from the system and makes way for a fluid fund management system.
Microfinance opportunities: In general, microfinance is the provision of a broad range of financial products such as deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers, insurance and others to low-income households and, their micro enterprises which are usually concentrated in rural and thus more underdeveloped areas. Client access and efficient provision of banking products in rural markets, usually fails through missing branch infrastructure which in turn is the result of a low populated environment. One of the core problems for banks is high transaction and service costs. Creating the necessary branch and service infrastructure to reach a large number of small borrowers who require credit frequently and in small quantities, requires large investments in service outlets and personnel.

Challenges faced by Microfinance institutions

Key Modules


Dairy-Automation-System-Registration The Registration module is an integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient information. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process.

It provides for enquiries about the patient, the patient's location, admission, scheduling and discharge details. Furthermore, this system takes care of package deals for a patient for a fixed cost. Medical record keeps an abstract of clinical data about patients. It allows easy retrieval of medical records on patients. This information can be entered at the time of Registration and can facilitate future reference.


Dairy-Automation-System-Billing The Patient Billing module handles all types of billing for long-term care. This module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients like outpatient, inpatient and Referral. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, lab tests conducted, medicines issued, consultant's fee, food, beverage and telephone charges etc. This module provides for credit partly billing and can be seamlessly integrated with the Financial Accounting Module. The billing module is extensively flexible by which each of your billing plans can be configured to automatically accept or deny. The system is tuned to capture room and bed charges along with ancillary charges based on the sponsorship category. Furthermore the charges for various services rendered can be recorded through service module and this can be used for billing purposes.

Payroll Module

Dairy-Automation-System-Payroll-Module The Payroll & Personnel module deals with Pay (and deduction) calculation, printing of salary slip, salary certificates, and PF statements, Gratuity Statement and provides a monthly analysis. It deals with the maintenance of employee bio-data, Attendance / Overtime details. It also reports on absenteeism, leave encasements etc. The HR department is responsible employee related activities and can utilize the payroll module to manage all activities.

Outpatient Management

Dairy-Automation-System-Out-Patient The outpatient module serves as an entry point to schedule an appointment with the Hospital Resident doctor or consultant doctor for medical consultations and diagnosis. This module supports doctors to take better and timely consultation decisions by providing instant access to comprehensive patient information. Patient visits are divided into new, follow-up and review. This module also handles requests and results of laboratory tests and other examinations. External doctors visit to in patients can be defined as "Call on". Some patients may avail only the hospital facilities like Lab, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Physiotherapy and so on.

Inpatient Management

Dairy-Automation-System-In-Patient The inpatient module is designed to take care of all the activities and functions pertaining to inpatient activities. The module automates the day-to-day administrative actives and provides instant access to other modules, which leads to a better patient care. It provides comprehensive data pertaining to admission of patients & ward management, availability of beds, estimation, agreement preparation, and collection of advance, planned admission and emergency admission. The Inpatient module also deals with Ward Management: Shifting from one ward to the other, Bed availability, Surgery, Administration of drugs, nursing notes, charge slip and so on.


Dairy-Automation-System-Pharmacy Pharmacy module deals with the automation of general workflow and administration management process of a pharmacy. The pharmacy module is equipped with bar coding facility, which makes the delivery of medical items to the patient more efficient.


Version 7.01

Dairy Automation System - Desktop Desktop

Version 7.02

Dairy Automation System - Desktop Desktop
Dairy Automation System - Basic Web Basic Web

Version 7.03

Dairy Automation System - Desktop Desktop
Dairy Automation System - Advanced Web Advanced Web

Version 7.04

DDairy Automation System - esktop Desktop
Dairy Automation System - Advanced Web Advanced Web
Dairy Automation System - Bio-Metric Bio-Metric
Dairy Automation System - Smart Card Smart Card

Version 7.05

Dairy Automation System - Desktop Desktop
Dairy Automation System - Advanced Web Advanced Web
Dairy Automation System - Bio-Metric Bio-Metric
Dairy Automation System - Smart Card Smart Card
Dairy Automation System - Kiosk Kiosk

Steps involved in Diary Automation System using the Smartcards are:

Step 1:
The milk man equipped with the XIPHIAS Smartcard delivers the dairy produce to a milk procurement
point which is a cashless agency where the produce is stored for distribution. The transaction is recorded here using a simple assembly of weighing scale,
milk density reader and the handheld device.

Step 2:
The agency coordinator uses the offline handheld to transfer transaction data to a merchant smartcard and takes it to a XIPHIAS fund centre which is common
point for different pockets of areas.

Step 3:
The XIPHIAS fund centre then uploads all the funds from merchant cards to the XIPHIAS server.

Step 4:
The payment/receivables file is sent to the bank to be processed and collate in the corresponding accounts.

Step 5:
The bank processes the payment/ receivables and transfers the funds directly into the Milk man's Smartcard


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