Safety and Training Kiosk

Safety and Training Kiosk


Safety Training Touch Screen Kiosk

Ensure the safety and well-being of your premises with Safety and Training kiosks (STK) from XIPHIAS. These cutting-edge kiosks provide a variety of features to improve security and simplify safety procedures. From temperature screening and mask detection to access control and visitor management, these kiosks provide a comprehensive solution to monitor and enforce safety measures. With their sleek design and customizable options, XIPHIAS safety kiosks can be seamlessly integrated into various environments like Factories, offices, schools, healthcare facilities etc.

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Safety Training Touch Screen Kiosk
An Extensive Approach For Safety Training

The Safety Training Kiosk, or STK, assists you in adopting a 360o approach to safety training, guaranteeing that all parties involved receive training according to their level of risk exposure and based on the plan's overall impact on risk reduction.

The following infographic lists the key elements of a STK (Safety Training Kiosk)


Safety is a critical concern in industries today, given the complex work environments and compliance requirements. While it may be impossible to prevent every untoward incident, preparedness and continual training are key. However, traditional classroom training methods can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when organizing sessions for visitors, contract workers, and apprentices. A crucial component of safety training is also monitoring training efficacy and keeping records for safety audits.

XIPHIAS Safety Training Kiosk (STK) addresses these challenges by offering a wide range of ready-to-use training programs and templates based on industry best practices. Users can easily customize and modify these programs according to their specific needs. The Program Generation Kit enables the creation of new programs by capturing actual process videos and voice-overs. This flexibility allows for incremental changes, ensuring that training materials remain up to date.

Training on assembly points, hazardous places, and evacuation drills is made possible via the STK's Emergency Evacuation module. To improve readiness and responsiveness in the event of emergencies, it includes comprehensive information and instructions. The STK is set up in self-play mode in reception areas or safety training rooms during safety programmed demonstrations. The interactive menu offers audio, video, and graphics for quick comprehension as it leads users through the programmed in their chosen languages. Slides can be repeated by users for easy understanding.


We provide a comprehensive solution that includes all hardware components required to support the software used for training module creation, training video demonstration, evaluation, and report generation.
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I Want To Buy a Safety Training Touch Screen Kiosk. What Should i Know?

A safety training kiosk is a self-service device or interactive system designed to provide employees or individuals with safety-related information, training modules, and educational resources.

Safety training Touch Screen kiosks cover workplace safety protocols, emergency preparedness, hazard identification, ergonomics, fire safety, first aid, personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safety training kiosks offer employees the opportunity to access training materials at their convenience, reinforcing safety practices, raising awareness, and promoting a safer work environment.



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